Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update September 4 2022, Story, Precap

Roohi observes Armaan giving Preesha some powder mixed with water. She notifies Rudra of what she observed when she returns. In order to locate the powder, Armaan's chamber must be entered, according to Rudra. Armaan, according to Saransh, is very shrewd and will not allow anybody inside his room. Once he leaves the house, according to Rudra, they will head to his room.

Instead of cleaning the room, Vanshika says she would go into Armaan's room when he leaves the home and looks for the powder. Even Roohi, according to her, will go with Vanshika. Walking up to Kanchan, Roohi announces she wants to speak with Preesha. Vanshika follows her while toting a broom. What is she doing here, Armaan wonders? Kanchan claims that she asks Prema to do the housework. Following his approval, Armaan departs.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update September 4, 2022

When Armaan finally leaves the house, Rudra and Saransh are happy because they believe that Vanshika would have no trouble finding the medication because neither Armaan nor Digvijay are home. To retrieve a file from Armaan's room, Digvijay goes back home. Upon seeing him, Sarnash and Rudra become tense. Vanshika doesn't pick up the phone when Rudra calls her after quickly using the restroom. When Digvijay walks in and inquires about Vanshika's whereabouts, she is occupied looking for medication. She stutters and spills a vase.

Preesha enters Armaan's room after hearing Digvijay's house and asks Digvijay what transpired. Kanchan also enters. What is Prema doing in Armaan's room, asks Digvijay. Kanchan claims that Prema was asked to clean the house. Prema claims that after Madam assigned chores, she saw the room was vacant and began cleaning it. She is instructed by Kanchan to clean a different room. Prema moves on.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 4 September 2022

Raj phones Pihu from outside the home and says he has to speak with her about something crucial. Pihu claims that he remained silent when Vidyuth expelled her from the house and must have assumed she was the offender. Raj claims that he remained silent because he didn't want to cause a problem at Rudra's home.

He says that after seeing a doctor, the doctor told him that someone had intentionally infused a chemical into his green tea to cause him to lose his wife. If he believes she did it, Pihu inquires. Raj claims he is aware of her vulnerability and asks her for assistance in identifying a criminal, maybe her brother. According to Pihu, he had defied her brother in order to assist her, therefore she is willing to do whatever it takes to support him.

When Vanshika/Prema goes back to the restroom, she complains that Digvijay abruptly barged in and took her medicine. As Armaan is dosing Preesha, Rudra says it's all right and that they will lose him to put him to sleep before locating the medication. Vanshika promised to carry out it. Kanchan claims that she made kheer for the family at supper. Instead of assisting her, Prema adds a medication to Armaan's kheer.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 September 2022 Story

When Armaan is tired, he goes to his room. After checking Armaan by shaking his face and smacking him, Rudra enters his room with his kids and Vanshika. Armaan doesn't get out of bed. Rudra instructs his crew to look in every crevice of the room for medication.

While looking for medication, Rudra sees a phony wall and smashes it down. Hearing the noise, Preesha awakens and goes to Armaan's room. Painting is taken off the false wall by Rudra, who then lowers it. Raj contacts Pihu and expresses regret for her timing. Pihu replies it's all right and claims that because he assisted her in defying his family, she is willing to assist him in defying hers. Raj expresses gratitude to her.

As soon as Vidyuth enters, he confronts Raj for speaking to Pihu. Raj claims Pihu is not the offender and is assisting him in finding the true offender, therefore she cannot hear anything against her. Vidyuth inquires as to his meaning. Raj claims that Vidyuth was correct to believe that someone had deliberately infused drugs into his tea, and he will stop at nothing to track down the offender. Hearing that stresses Vidyuth out.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 September Precap

Rudra discovers a secret locker in Armaan's room and suspects that Armaan had concealed medication there. Vidyuth is seen mixing medications as Pihu reviews the changing room footage from the competition day. Preesha walks in and sees Roohi and the others in Armaan's room.

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