Kundali Bhagya Written Update 4 September 2022, Story, and Precap

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 4 September 2022: Rakhi enters the room and asks Arjun if he notices anything different. Arjun looks around and comments that there is a different vibe about it, to which Rakhi responds that she knew he would undoubtedly notice something different. When Arjun asks what has changed, Rakhi says she knew he would be able to feel it and that she felt the room was filled with certain elements that led to its demise. As a result, she asked Pandit jee to perform some Mantar, Rakhi responds that she cares for Preeta like a genuine mother and that Arjun should not trust Preeta because one day she would do something that will give her great sorrow.

Arjun queries why she continuously brings up Preeta, and Rakhi says that their relationship goes beyond that of a mother-in-law. Rakhi adds that Karan brought Preeta into this house and that if he were still alive, he would argue with her. However, she understood that he would be relieved that his mother is supporting his wife. She says that even back then, he would attempt to hide his true feelings. Arjun is doing the same, so she points him out and asks him to clarify that he doesn't hate Preeta. When she asks what he means, Arjun is taken aback.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 4 September 2022

When Sameer approaches and inquires if Anjali is getting bored, she is standing. Anjali responds that this is not the case because nobody would get bored on such a fortunate occasion. When Shristhi sees them together and approaches from behind, Sameer tells him that he is not involved, but Shristhi commands him to stop and drags Anjali along with him as he questions what he did in the past to deserve such a wife. When Shristhi asks Anjali whether she was involved with Sameer while they were in front of Ganpati, she replied that she wasn't because she was in love with someone else. When Shristhi questioned who she was in love with, Anjali left.

Rakhi requests that Arjun not tease her, to which he responds that he is the guest here and she is the one mocking him while Rakhi is standing without a skirt. Preeta then asks Rakhi what she was talking about, to which Arjun asks why she wants to know everything they are talking about when she is not interested in telling her. Preeta then says that she wants to know everything they are talking about her, but she would not have been interested if it When he wants to get close to Preeta's family, he poses as a family member, yet he is now acting like a visitor.

She would definitely sip the astringent courgette juice in the morning, according to Arjun. Rakhi arrives and asks Preeta why she is speaking to him in this way. Arjun responds that she usually acts in this way. Preeta becomes enraged and orders him to stop talking to her in this way and leave her room. Preeta explains that Karan was the only one who understood her, and upon realizing what she had said, she clarifies that she had meant why is he talking nonsense when it is obvious that he behaves very differently in their home. However, she asks why he has not invited them to his home so that they can act similarly and then he will understand how odd they behave. Rakhi, who is sitting nearby, wonders why they constantly argue. Rakhi tries to stop Arjun from leaving the room out of rage, but Preeta says she has to sit down because her head hurts.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update September 4, 2022

The guests applaud Mahesh Luthra for consistently hosting the best Ganpati function. Abhishek welcomes Rishab and mentions that he has brought the contract; Rishab then asks him to go and perform the ritual first. Sameer then enters, letting Rishab know that Abhishek is about to arrive; Rishab responds that he has already arrived. Mahesh says he must not be late in calling Arjun. Preeta regularly criticizes Arjun and engages in pointless arguments with her, which she finds annoying. Preeta notices Rakhi's smile and sits next to her, wondering why she is being so kind to him since he is actually not a kind guy. Rakhi responds because they argue frequently, much as she did with Karan in the past.

Preeta claims she would bring him tea since her head hurts and that she doesn't understand. Preeta sees Arjun at the door and keeps glaring at him angrily, but he eventually gets into the room and sits next to Rakhi, pulling out a cup of tea. Arjun says she'll feel extremely good after drinking it, and Preeta keeps gazing at him in agreement. Arjun remarks that Rakhi has begun feeling good simply by the aroma of the tea. Rakhi responds that it is because of him, and he gives her a hug. Preeta is continually staring at them both when he asks her to sip the tea, but he tells her that he made it personally for her.

Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2022 Story

When Prithvi enters the main hall, he wonders where the most sought-after individuals are since neither Arjun nor Preeta is among the guests. When he observes Karina reprimanding one of the servers for improper service, he adds that he must make sure that no one's glass is empty. He bumps into Prithvi and asks why he isn't performing the pooja. He replies that he was just going there and asks her to accept his blessings first. She kneels but he is only thinking about how he can ruin the Luthra's. Prithvi believes that she won't ever change because she is constantly reprimanding the workers.

When Prithvi sees Arjun coming with Rakhi and Preeta down the stairs, he smiles. He then notices Mahesh and Rishab with the guest and thinks if he can also extend his blessing to the whole Luthra family because they have destroyed him.

Arjun, Rishab, and Sameer begin the performance when Dadi leads him to the middle and tells him that he must do so. Everyone is amazed, but Preeta is not as impressed and becomes uptight. She grins as Rishab joins in the dance. They are all incredibly good at showcasing their talents, and when Arjun finally begins the routine, Preeta begins to become restless. Despite her prayers to Ganpati, she remains tense.

Kundali Bhagya 4 September Precap

Shrishti observes Prithvi in pandit disguise. After noticing her, Prithvi starts grooming his beard. Rishabh trips as he approaches Preeta. Holding him, Preeta warns, "Be careful, are you okay?" I'm good, says Rishabh.

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