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While there are moments when the film's message is clearly conveyed, it doesn't have the same impact as one might anticipate. Spoiler-free reviews of thrillers may be challenging, but I Came By feels exceptionally difficult. Not because the plot is particularly complex, but rather because the shocks it does include are so essential to the story's ultimate impact. It gains from the impression of writer-director Babak Anvari's hand making a few bold, deliberate choices about the story and style that aren't exactly typical of the genre, which ends up providing the most food for thought.

Those who can fully appreciate things from a distance will probably like it the best when they see them. However, when taken as a whole, it could be less compelling than the sum of its parts, leaving participants with a pleasant impression of the event but with some doubts about the reliability of this formal experiment.

I Came By 2022

The two young graffiti artists Toby (George MacKay) and Jay (Percelle Ascott), who have gained notoriety for breaking into the houses of the wealthy and spray-painting that slogan on their walls are the subject of the movie I Came By. After their most recent lucrative operation, Jay discovers that his girlfriend Naz (Varada Sethu) is expecting, and the prospect of going to jail no longer looks like it would be worthwhile.

That leaves Toby to handle their next mark, Sir Henry Blake (Hugh Bonneville), on his own. Even though the respected former judge appears to have nothing but positive qualities, jaded Toby believes the old-money aristocrat is only skilled at maintaining his image and decides to gamble nevertheless. But he unwittingly puts himself and his loved ones in great danger when he unearths a sinister secret stashed away in Blake's cellar.

I Came By 2022 Movie

The challenges of confronting someone like Sir Blake are evident, but it's reasonable to conclude that Toby was correct to be skeptical. This review won't discuss what occurs afterward. He has connections that exempt him from scrutiny. On the night of Toby's break-in, he departs for a game of squash with a police supervisor while the anarchic 23-year-old tagger hardly has influence inside his own social group. The cast of characters that may oppose Bonneville's villain is indeed shattered.

I Came By Movie Cast

George MacKay

Hugh Bonneville

Kelly Macdonald

Percelle Ascott

Varada Sethu

Kitty Lovett

Antonio Aakeel

Gabriel Bisset-Smith

Peter Bramhill

Amerjit Deu

Lee Byford

Edward Wolstenholme

Micky McGregor

Paddy Wallace

I Came By Review

For the sake of his new family, Jay must push Toby away; Toby and his psychologist mother, Lizzie (Kelly Macdonald), dispute all the time; Naz endures her own family issues in order to be with Jay; and finally, Jay risks their relationship by keeping his prior escapades a secret. Nobody but the audience is aware of everything at any given time, and a lot of the suspense is created by the heroes' attempts to take action without all the knowledge they need. And I Came By isn't hesitant to punish such deeds with horrifyingly deadly repercussions.

I Came By Plot

Without regard to the plot, Blake and the nature of his secret indicate that the movie is about a certain type of malevolent influence that only someone with his history and rank could exert. The Downton Abbey actor was hired in order to perpetuate a particular stereotype of Englishmen in viewers' minds so that Anvari might use it as a tool for social critique. It makes I Came By, in some bizarre manner, an evil twin of 2014's Paddington. As the film unfolds, the audience learns more about Blake's upbringing, but unlike previous thrillers where information may be used to justify Blake and his behavior, this one takes aim at the narrative he gives himself.

I Came By Movie Story

The theme of parenthood permeates I Came By, and the consequences of a dysfunctional parent-child relationship, in particular, appear in almost every character's plot. Blake's manifestation of this, and how it has molded the target of his wrath, is particular to him; it is a result of his race, his money, and his ingrained feeling of entitlement. The movie never lets its audience forget that the system, of which Blake is simply a distorted incarnation, is the actual source of evil, no matter how engaged they get in the characters as people.

I Came By Netflix Release Date

On August 31, I Came By started streaming on Netflix. The 110-minute movie has a TV-MA rating. While its message does occasionally come through clearly, it doesn't have the same impact as one may have hoped. Another illuminating literary parallel may be found here. Early on, there is a discussion on the effectiveness of Toby and Jay's graffiti-based activism in achieving its goals. What real value does the act of "coming by" actually have? Perhaps it is fascinating that the movie seems to hint at the possible hollowness of its own political gesture, but it ignores that issue rather than addressing it.

The tale itself has a similar problem in that, although being obviously more carefully written than the average thriller, it doesn't prove to be all that thrilling. I Came By runs the real risk of being dismissed as typical Netflix fluff by an audience unfamiliar with the genre, but even those who notice its creative touches will be left wondering why they didn't amount to more.

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