Cuttputlli Movie Review: Cast, Plot, Download

The main character of CUTTPUTLLI is a police officer who is chasing a serial murderer. The 36-year-old actor Akshay Kumar lives in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, as Arjan Sethi. He is fascinated by the subject of serial murderers and wants to produce a movie about it. In Chandigarh, he contacts a number of Punjabi filmmakers. However, they unanimously reject his proposal and tell him to instead develop a comedy.

He then travels to Kasuali to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with his niece Payal (Renaye Tejani), brother-in-law Narinder Singh (Chandrachur Singh), and sister Seema (Hrishitaa Bhatt). Arjan is urged to give up his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker and join the police force by Narinder, a cop.

Cuttputlli Movie Review

He would easily obtain the chance to become a police officer because Arjan and Seema's father was retired officer. Arjan concurs, seeing that his goal of producing a serial killer movie is not being achieved. He joins the police force as a sub-inspector and works at the Gudiya Parmar-run station (Sargun Mehta).

A few days later, the police are informed that Amrita Rana, a schoolgirl played by Saina Anarose, has vanished. Presumably from outside her home, she was taken. The murderer leaves a gift box with a doll's severed head inside. Arjan notices that the doll's head is disfigured in a manner that is quite similar to how Samiksha Bharti's face was disfigured.

The body of this girl was discovered in Parwanoo, and Arjan had, out of habit, acquired information about her. He informs SHO Parmar that Amrita has been abducted by the Parwanoo schoolgirl murderer. Parmar rejects his hypothesis.

Cuttputlli Movie Star Cast

Akshay Kumar ... Arjan Sethi

Rakul Preet Singh ... Divya

Chandrachur Singh ... Narinder Singh

Sargun Mehta ... SHO Gudiya Parmar

Hrishitaa Bhatt ... Seema Singh

Gurpreet Ghuggi ... Guleria

Sujith Shanker ... Purushottam Tomar

Shahid Lateef ... Machchan

Renaye Tejani ... Payal Singh

Rahul Kakkar ... Srikant

Divvya Wadhwa ... Aisha Khan

Suhani Sethi ... Sofia

Adarsh Mishra ... Rickshaw Driver

Swarnim Sethi ... Sameksha

Guruvesh Pandit ... News Reader

Pradeep Sharma ... Mr. Malhotra

Ashok Narank ... Mr. Vohra

Mitisha Arora ... Sameksha's Mother

Atul Verma ... Sameksha's Father

Aakash Dixit ... News Reporter (Parwanoo)

Suhani Dhanki ... RJ Roshni

Rez Kempton ... DSP Ajay Shukla

Pratibha Dabas ... Dr. Kashish

Jasbir Rishi ... Producer

Joshua Leclair ... Christopher/Agnes

Saina Anarose ... Amrita Rana

Laaibah Ali ... Komal

Seher Bhowmik ... It - Divya’s niece

Cuttputlli Movie Plot

The police receive a call a short while later stating that Amrita's body has been discovered next to a railroad track. Now that they are aware that a serial murderer is on the loose and searching for his next victim, the police take Arjan seriously. A third girl, Komal (Laaibah Ali), goes missing a few days later. A teacher at Komal's school named Divya (Rakul Preet Singh) informed Arjan that Komal had been spotted hailing an automobile. Trying to find the auto-rickshaw is Arjan. The driver exclaims that he did not murder Komal and that he had taken her to the home of Purshottam Tomar (Sujith Shanker), who also happens to be Payal's math instructor.

Cuttputlli Movie Story

When Purushottam is apprehended, it is discovered that he had sexually harassed some of his students. Even though the evidence points to Purshottam's guilt, he continues to deny murdering Komal. While Purshottam is being held, the murderer commits another crime. He kidnaps Payal this time instead of anybody else. And as usual, he abandons the box holding the dismembered doll's head. Two days following the kidnapping, the victim is often killed by the murderer. Before Payal is killed, Arjan has 48 hours to discover the serial killer. What happens next determines how the rest of the film will pan out.

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