What space movie came out in 1992

Danish performance artist Morten Lindbergh directed the science fiction short film Gannigers from Outer Space in 1992. The movie is a blaxploitation and science fiction satire. The movie begins in black and white before transitioning to color, much like The Wizard of Oz. The portrayal of "the globe being freed from wicked women" was a "dramatic special effect," according to director Morten Lindbergh.

What space movie came out in 1992

Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992 The movie centers on a group of black homosexual space travelers from the planet Anal who learn that there are women on Earth. They continue to wipe out all the females on Earth using the Regans, earning praise from the already repressed male populace. Before they leave, they send a "gay ambassador" to Earth to educate people about their new way of life.

What space movie was made in 1992

According to critics, the movie is "a curiously interesting Dutch [sic] B picture in the hyper-contagious style of John Waters," and it was made for "dumb white males" who are fans of blaxploitation. I adore the idea. In the 2000s, the Gay Nigger Association of America featured the movie as part of a recruiting drive.

What outer space movie came out in 1992: Gayniggers from Outer Space

A blaxploitation short film is The Gayniggers from Outer Space. Danish artist Morten Lindberg is the movie's director. It was created as a science fiction spoof.

The interstellar black guys from the planet Anus discover that there are ladies on earth. So they use their rayguns to try to wipe out the female race. The males of the world begin to feel thankful for the black men as a result of this action. A gay envoy is left behind by the extraterrestrials to inform mankind about the new way of life.

The movie starts off in black and white, but gradually transitions to color, much like the Wizard of Oz movie. The film's director said that he included this element for dramatic effect to demonstrate how the globe is liberated from tyrannical women.

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)

The movie storylines have entertained a lot of people. However, the vast majority of the comments are negative. Many individuals believe that the movie mocks LGBT people. Additionally, the movie says a lot of derogatory things about women. The aliens are then shown as black males. Similar to how many of the movie's issues are debated on social networking sites.

This has attracted the interest of several communities. Many people request that others perform a Google search for the 1992 space movie. After that, they will watch the film and get the results.

Some individuals feel that the movie is racist after seeing it. The Reddit prank originally began as a joke. However, it caught on in social media and rose to the top of Google's auto-fill suggestions. The movie's goals are viewed with skepticism. It demonstrates that the movie is a spoof of many other things, not only space movies. Numerous jokes on race and homosexuality may be found in it.

How many vile jokers are exploiting the movie to make racist remarks about other people? Despite being well aware of the film's storyline, many Twitter users are applauding it. However, some people are circulating hateful remarks about 1992 space movies.

Gayniggers from Outer Space Cast

  • Coco C.P. Dalbert
  • Sammy Salomon
  • Gbatokai Dakinah
  • Konrad Fields
  • Anne Busacker
  • Verner Mollerup Christensen
  • Torben Zenth
  • Tove Kristensen
  • Heidrun von Wildenraut
  • Heintz Heinrick von Grundstead
  • Maiksen Thorsson
  • Nina N. Rosenmeier
  • Yon Hee Kim
  • Ehi Yeon Kim
  • Chapper
  • Dorte Høeg Brask
  • Jens Rungo
  • Tone Nielsen
  • Trono Clementsen
  • Anders Villaus
  • Der Rosenmeier
  • Jesper Andersen
  • Pernille Andersen
  • Pia Clementsen
  • Levino Jensen
  • Thomas Bengtsson
  • Lærke Lundo
  • Permille Knudsen
  • James McEntosh
  • Maj Hillinsde
  • Kenneth Brian Nielsen
  • Permille Egeskov
  • Charlotte Key
  • Joakim Zacko Weyland
  • Reno Di Stefano
  • Oliver Sperling
  • Peter Milthers
  • Erik Orejer
  • Thorsten Geertz
  • Joan Beltoft
  • Villy Jorgensen
  • Thomas Kristensen
  • Lars Bjarke
  • Mikkel Rode
  • Eske Brand
  • Jakob Kent
  • Esben Kristensen
  • Bob Rockwell
  • Dan Marmorstein
  • Bob Harris
  • Rob Pederson
  • Roland Engelhardt
  • Scott Ritter
  • Cristiaana Sabella
  • Johnny Conny
  • Frederik Nielsen
  • Jzecke Prvroche
  • Tony Thomas
  • Tony Paul Williams

Gayniggers from Outer Space Movie Review

Gayniggers from Outer Space cracked me up, I thought. Yes, the jokes are a little juvenile, but we could all use a little of that now and again. It truly is a lot of fun crammed into 25 minutes for those of you with an open mind who don't want to ponder too much, are adults enough, and are devoid of pretentiousness to really confess you appreciate a movie like this.

I would also want to make the point that three of the stars, including Coco P. Dalbert, are homosexual in response to those who claim that the movie is both homophobic and racist. Naturally, everyone is black. As I already mentioned, this movie is pretty pleasant if you can have an open mind.

Nothing less than brilliance created this gem! God will attest to my swearing. Since the day this movie was released, I haven't heard anyone laud it, which I find hard to believe. It combines Orgazmo's meaningful cultural critique with the earthy, rough-hewn visual effects of Doctor Who, with a dash of humorous flair à la Platoon tossed in for good measure.

Since many of you haven't yet seen this masterpiece, I won't go into too much detail about the narrative, but I will add that the acting is excellent and the movie isn't abnormally lengthy. From Ukraine to Germany to Beijing, it whisks viewers away on the backs of five heroes who risk all to defend planet Earth, taking them to the farthest regions of space.

Tantric? You have to be. Everyone, including children, should see this movie, and I would caution readers not to believe any reviewer who says otherwise.


space film The movie 1992 didn't make a big impact on people when it came out in 1992. However, it is now the focus of several conversations. Many questions regarding racism and homophobia have arisen as a result of it. You may watch this movie on a variety of top movie applications.

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