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Things go wrong when they are exposed as spies, Go Kyung Pyo is kidnapped, and the well-liked Sangyedong Supreme drivers are accused of killing Prosecutor Ahn. They now flee in an effort to preserve their lives while exposing the truth about the laundering. In the middle of this, the 1988 Seoul Olympics take center stage as they team up with Galchi, the head of their rival gang, who is expertly represented by Mino of WINNER. A wild vehicle pursuit and some shady street maneuvers result in their opportune victory and rain of cash.

Seoul Vibe Movie

Despite the story's obvious clich├ęs and predictable turn of events, one may enjoy Ong Seong Wu and Mino's impressive film debuts. You won't be able to stop praising Yoo Ah In for his excellent performance as the gang leader and his profanity-filled delivery. Go Kyung Pyo's commitment to his work is reminiscent of his "Chicago Typewriter" character, while Park Ju Hyun maintains his biker charm. Lee Kyu Hyung also contributes his trademark wit.

Although it doesn't provide anything deeper, "Seoul Vibe" is a good choice for a weekend viewing to keep you entertained. It lacks any breathtaking moments and is instead a smooth drive with clear curves and little gear changes.

Seoul Vibe Movie Story

A couple of notorious young South Korean lads travel to Saudi Arabia to deliver a coffin of weaponry as the narrative first begins. Their benefit is financial, and they pursue a desire by entering a renowned automobile racing championship. They are revealed to be ex-convicts who are being pursued by Prosecutor Ahn, portrayed by the brilliant Oh Jung Se, in their own country. Ahn wants to use them as spies to look into a slush fund.

Seoul Vibe Movie Cast

The most recent fast-paced movie to appear on Netflix is called "Seoul Vibe." It centers around a group of drivers who become involved in a money laundering investigation and features Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Park Ju Hyun, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Ong Seong Wu as the key characters.

Seoul Vibe Movie Review

What happens next is their ostensibly brilliant scheme to assist higher-ranking government officials in fleeing with their hidden riches. While attempting to get international visas, they turn become double agents and develop a relationship with Prosecutor Ahn. With a nod to Seoul in the late 1980s and their will to achieve, the novel depicts their numerous dashing moments. There are a few passing nods to a popular old-school culture that is still prevalent today, particularly in a scene that mentions "so-maek," a term for a drink that combines soju with maekju (beer).

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