National Banana Split Day August 25 2022

On August 25, 2022, it will be National Banana Split Day! This day is a celebration of all things banana-related since it is the anniversary of the first banana split that was ever recorded! On National Banana Split Day, there is bound to be a delectable banana split choice for you, whether you're in the mood for a traditional banana split or something a bit fancier. Make a note of the occasion in your calendar and prepare to feast!

This, in our opinion, is without a doubt one of the nicest aspects of summer—or any season when you enjoy indulging in an ice cream delight! It combines the ideal amount of banana flavor with the deep sweetness of the ice cream, and is garnished with whipped cream, maraschino cherries, strawberries, hot fudge, and everything else your heart desires! This fantastic dessert is honored on National Banana Split Day, which is the ideal justification for indulging!

National Banana Split Day

The day set aside to honor this fantastic treat is known as National Banana Split Day. It presents the ideal chance for you to indulge in this delectable delicacy. Who doesn't enjoy a sweet banana split, after all? You don't have to feel bad about indulging in one (or more) of these sweets! We enjoy the music. Enjoy experimenting with your own banana split creations. You won't be sorry!

National Banana Split Day's history

Surprisingly, the Banana Split has a very clear history, and we can trace its beginnings to a man named David Evans Stickler in 1904, when he was working as a pharmacy apprentice at Tassel Pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It had a soda fountain connected, like the majority of pharmacies of the time, and it was here that he created the banana split, which immediately gained popularity among the adjacent Saint Vincent College students. By word of mouth alone, it quickly spread like wildfire and before becoming worldwide, was considered an American tradition.

Latrobe celebrated the invention's 100th anniversary in 2004, the same year that NICRA recognized the city as the banana split's original birthplace (National Ice Cream Retailers Association). The Great American Banana Split Celebration, a sizable event with food and activities for everyone to enjoy, was also held there.

Of course, there is considerable debate over its ancestry, as there is with any great innovations (unless you ask NICRA). According to Wilmington, Ohio, it was created there in 1907 in reaction to a decline in ice cream sales brought on by the winter season.

How to celebrate National Banana Split Day on 25 August 2022

It's not like we have to explain how to observe National Banana Split Day! Grab a whole bunch of bananas, cut them in half, then surround a bowl with them before adding ice cream to it. Then garnish lavishly with maraschino cherries and add whipped cream, almonds, hot fudge, strawberry syrup, and anything else you can think of.

Too much? Okay, if you want to enjoy this delicacy privately at home, perhaps you should keep it to yourself. But because hot and cold go well together, sprinkle it with high-proof alcohol and light it for a unique twist.

All you require for National Banana Split Day is some ice cream and a banana. The specifics on how to celebrate are as follows:

  • Make space in your freezer to fulfill a batch of banana splits.
  • Obtain your preferred flavor of ice cream, ideally a robust one. Excellent options include mint, chocolate, and vanilla.
  • Remove the brown center from a banana before peeling and chopping it into little pieces.
  • Combine the ice cream with the banana bits and eat!

Having a "banana split off" with all of your loved ones is another enjoyable way to commemorate National Banana Split Day. You may all have fun coming up with unique versions of this traditional treat. Allow customers to create their own unique banana split creations by providing a variety of topping options. Spending time with the people you care about in this way is wonderful. After all, trying something new is usually enjoyable.

Interesting facts about banana splits

Did you know that Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, has the world record for the longest banana split? There were 33,000 bananas, 150 gallons of chocolate, and 2,500 gallons of ice cream in this 4.5-mile-long display.

Charles Rudolph Walgreens, the owner of Walgreens medicine shops, is frequently credited with popularising the banana split. Many consumers tried the dessert even though they would not have normally been interested because the shop advertised the banana split as their top dessert.

Banana splits were first offered for 10 cents when they first appeared. Perhaps you don't think this is a lot of money.

Benefits of bananas for health

When consumed as a banana split, bananas may be coated with cream and a few undesirable ingredients, but the fruit itself has several health advantages. After reading this, you might feel better about indulging in a banana split! Bananas, for instance, are a great source of vitamin B6. In turn, vitamin B6 comes with a number of remarkable benefits. As a result, amino acids are more effectively metabolized, waste from the kidneys and liver is removed, lipids and carbohydrates are converted into energy, red blood cells are produced, and the nervous system is kept in good shape.

There is more excellent news to come. Bananas also provide a variety of additional benefits. This contains potassium, which makes up around 10% of your daily needs. Additionally, it includes manganese, which helps to preserve your skin by promoting the production of collagen and shields other cells from oxidative harm. Additionally, a fantastic source of vitamin C is bananas. Vitamin C supports brain health by facilitating the production of serotonin, which influences our moods, sleep habits, and how we experience stress and pain. Vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron, create collagen, and protect cells and tissues from harm.

National Banana Split Day Dates

Year Date Day
2022 August 25 Thursday
2023 August 25 Friday
2024 August 25 Sunday
2025 August 25 Monday
2026 August 25 Tuesday


It's National Banana Split Day on August 25, 2022. What could be more enjoyable than enjoying this delectable dessert with a special someone? Why not indulge yourself by yourself? You should certainly think about adding this day to your calendar if you're searching for a cheap way to celebrate. Who knows, you could even acquire a long-lasting craving for banana splits!

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