Karthikeya 2 Nikhil Siddharth New Movie Review And Rating

Nikhil Siddharth found success with Yuvatam after portraying one of the four lads in Happy Days. Swami Rara and Karthikeya have had a string of victories despite some obstacles along the way. Since then, he has worked to create films that break from the mold. Films are more popular. But Nikhil has been awaiting a significant strike for a long time. On the other side, Chandu Mondeti, the director, also needs success. With this, they both worked together.

Karthikeya 2

Nikhil and Chandu Mondeti's Karthikeya, which was released in 2014, was a great hit. Karthikeya 2 is the film's follow-up. With the teaser and trailer for Karthikeya 2, the movie's production team has added a small touch to the story of the underwater city of Dwarka. Is Lord Krishna the one who controlled it? This piqued my curiosity about the film. Karthikeya 2 is equally as successful as its predecessor. Did the crowd enjoy it? Let's examine the film's plot to learn more about these issues.

Karthikeya 2 Movie Story

Along with his buddies Praveen and Satya, Karthikeya (Nikhil Siddharth) completes his MBBS and continues to practice medicine. He gains a solid reputation for his faith in science and ability to overcome obstacles. Due to several reasons, Karthikeya travels to Dwarka City with his mother to treat the illness. Srinivas Reddy, his uncle, is also present. While their tale unfolds as follows. Rao, an archaeologist who visited Greece, learns, on the other hand, that Krishna has concealed an extraordinary artifact somewhere to benefit this mankind. The men of Dr. Shanthan (Aditya Menon) are pursuing him. After escaping from them, he arrives at Rao Dwarka. He approaches Kartikeya and makes an effort to speak. However, someone abducts him.

When the Dwarka police arrest Karthikeya for the murder of Rao, Mugdha (Anupama Parameswaran) protects him. However, one Abhir desires to murder Karthikeya. Later, Kartikeya learns through Mugdha that Rao has selected him to find the answer to his difficulty. What is the reality of the extraordinary knowledge that Asalu Rao had? How did Karthikeya figure out that puzzle? What drives Abhir's desire to murder Karthikeya? What was spoken by Shri Krishna Paramatma on the impending danger to humanity? Scientist Pathak: Who is he? To get these details, you must see the film.

Karthikeya 2 Review

Many individuals today believe that performing bravely means going above and beyond the call of duty. Under the pretext of technology and development, humanity obliterates the environment. It has several issues. In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna sensed this issue and offered Uddhava an extraordinary item to preserve humanity. It was kept out of sight by him. Numerous scientists have looked for it in vain. The plot of the film Karthikeya 2 is how our hero, a doctor, accomplishes it.

Krishna has a previously unseen item hidden in the episode's first-ever subject. However, when Nikhil visits Dwarka, he meets Anupama Parameswaran, and odd things start to happen. For that, a scenario where he likewise sought after that thing was displayed. The situations in the first half appeared intriguingly orchestrated, and God—the Divinity—chose a spokesman to benefit humanity.

The hero resolves each riddle and the associated adventures in the second half. The scheduled task is finally completed as the movie comes to a close. Saying at the conclusion that there would be a Karthikeya 3 is a little bit of a flash. When it comes to the characters, the hero Nikhil behaves recklessly rather than with much courage. Similar to what we witnessed in Karthikeya, we sense eagerness. Part 2 has a little bit more action than Part 1. However, the report claims that there is no error. With his performance, Nikhil gave it justice.

Karthikeya 2 Rating

Anupama Parameswaran is shown as assisting the hero. To understand why she wants to assist the hero, you must see the film. Persuaded of her position. Aditya Menon, who portrayed the antagonist, Srinivas Reddy, who played the hero's uncle, Tulsi, who played the hero's mother, Praveen, and Satya, who played the hero's friends, all gave their parts well. Anupam Kher just briefly played the lead part, yet he left a positive impression, demonstrating his effect. His speeches extolling Lord Krishna's glory are outstanding.

Technically, filmmaker Chandu Mondeti did a better job than Karthikeya of carrying the thrill in the follow-up. The movie was exhibited as being more important since the argument he makes in this one is more significant than in that one. Excellent visual effects have also been created. The cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is top-notch. The soundtrack to Kaala Bhairava is the film's strongest point. The film goes along pleasantly, with the exception of the second half, which feels a bit stretched.

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