How to share location on iPhone

Use the Find My app on your Apple device to track down someone's location or share your location with them from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, if you need to locate a friend or member of your family. It may even be used to find a missing device that is connected to your Family Sharing or Apple ID account.

How to share location on iPhone

Make sure your Apple Watch is running watchOS 8 or later and that iOS 15/iPadOS 15 or higher is installed on your iPhone or iPad if you want to use the Find My app's most recent capabilities. For a iPhone update, go to Settings > General > System Update. If your OS is current, the app will inform you of this or offer to download and install the most recent update. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, select General > Software Update, and then update your Apple Watch.

How to Turn on Tracking an iPhone

Make sure the functionality has been enabled before you begin tracking. Go to Settings > [Your name] > Find My > Find My iPhone/iPad from your iPhone (or iPad). Ensure Find My iPhone/iPad is enabled. Turn on the Find My Network switch to enable location tracking for your device even when it is not connected. Enable the Send Last Location option to ensure that the device can be located even when the battery is nearly empty.

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch and select [Your name] > Apple Watch > Find My Watch to enable the watch track. If they are not already turned on, activate the switches for Find My Watch and Find My Network.

How to Share Your Location on an iPhone 13

You may also choose which members of your Apple Family and certain persons you want to know where you are. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to configure this. Tap Share My Location after turning on Location Services. The Share My Location slider should be enabled.

Anyone in your Apple Family may now see where you are. Tap a family member's name to confirm that you are sharing your location with them. Your location is already being shared if the option reads "Stop Sharing My Location."

How to Share Location With Contacts on an iPhone

Open the People tab in the Find My app on your iPhone to share your location with a particular individual who is not a member of your Apple Family. To share your location with a contact, click the Share My Location option and either choose their name or manually type their phone number or email address.

Then select whether you want to share your location with that person for an hour, the entire day, or always by tapping Send. You will next ask the person on the other end to tell you where they are. They will be able to get in touch with you directly, find out where you are, and receive alerts about your precise position, just as you can.

Locating family and friends on an iPhone

You might already be able to see where any members of your Apple Family are by default. Launch the Find My app, then select People. You will then see the names of anybody who has shared their location with you on a map. After that, you may tap a person's name to communicate with them.

To phone, email, or text someone, tap Contact. To open Apple Maps with detailed instructions to their location, tap Directions. To get notified when that individual enters or exits a certain area, tap the Add link under Notifications.

You might need to ask an Apple family member to authorize sharing with you if their location is not readily apparent. Have the family member go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location on their iPhone to accomplish that. They may then hit Share My Location after tapping your name in the Find My screen's Family section. When you get a notification on your iPhone indicating that they are now sharing their location, you will know it was successful.

How to Stop Sharing Location on an iPhone (11, 12, 13)

Open the Me tab, choose to Share My Location, and turn it off to stop sharing your location (this does not turn off all location services). Open the People tab and choose the contact you wish to stop sharing your location with. Then you may opt to stop sharing your location with them or to remove them entirely by selecting Remove Friend.

How To Find a Lost Apple Devices Using AirTag

The Find My app may also locate a lost Apple product, including an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, or any other item with an Air-Tag. To see a list of Apple devices linked to your Apple ID or Apple Family, open the app and select the Devices tab.

To display the missing device on the map, tap the entry for it. From there, you may command it to play a sound, provide step-by-step driving instructions, write a note to the lost device, lock it down, or wipe all of its data. Check out our whole guide for more specific instructions.

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