How to Screen Record on iPhone | How to turn on screen recording feature on apple iPhone | How to screen record with sound on iPhone, iPad | How to Open and Edit Screen Recording on iPhone and iPad

There is a quick and easy technique to record your iPhone's screen. This is the method or process. Making screenshots is a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, you can record game scenes on your iPhone, save your favorite YouTube videos, and even make lessons for your friends. Learn how to screen record on an iPhone by following these simple instructions. Once you're familiar with this iPhone hack, be sure you also understand how to conceal private iPhone images, retrieve deleted iPhone photos, and erase iPhone photos.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

You may begin utilizing the screen record button after adding it to the Control Center menu on your phone. With the screen recording tool, you may create a video of each swipe, tap, and sound that occurs on your screen for the duration of the recording. It's just one of numerous iPhone tips and hacks that will, without a doubt, simplify your life.

  • To access the Control Center, swipe down (on an iPhone X or later) or up (on an iPhone 8 or older).
  • Tap the Record button.
  • After a countdown of three seconds, the clock in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will turn red. Instead, a red bar will show up at the top of your screen if you have an older iPhone.
  • To close the Control Center, tap the screen. On the screen of your phone, you are now recording both the audio and the video.
  • When you're ready to stop recording, either slide to reveal the Control Center and hit the Record button once again or tap the red clock or bar at the top of your screen.

How to Open and Edit Screen Recording on iPhone and iPad

Wish to see and modify your most recent video? On your iPhone's Camera Roll, it may be found in the Photos app. After that, you may modify the video on your iPhone by adding filters, trimming the beginning or end, and saving the result as a new clip.

  • Tap the video after opening the Camera Roll album in the Photos app.
  • At the top of the screen, in the upper right, click Edit.
  • You may view a visual history of the video at the bottom of the screen. Tap and drag the arrow next to the Play button to the right to cut the video's commencement. It ought should go yellow. By touching and dragging the left arrow, trim the end.
  • Click the Play button to see the latest version. The arrows may be adjusted repeatedly till you're happy.
  • The same controls you would use to edit a photo in the Photos app may be used to change the filters.
  • Tap Done > Save as New Clip when you're ready to save the altered video.

How to screen record with sound on iPhone, iPad

As an added bonus, the iPhone's screen recording feature enables you to simultaneously record your screen and yourself speaking. Before clicking "Record," do these extra steps to switch on your microphone.

  • Press and hold the Record button.
  • Hit the bottom-most microphone icon in the pop-up window, then tap Start Recording. The countdown will start, as you can see.
  • To close the Control Center and quit the screen, tap twice.
  • Now, once you start recording, the microphone will activate. Returning to this page, click and hold the microphone icon to switch off your microphone if you no longer wish to use it.

How to turn on screen recording feature on apple iPhone

Screen recording is a feature that is incorporated into every iPhone running iOS 11 or later. Check to see if the screen record button is in the Control Center first, and if not, add it before learning how to record the screen on an iPhone. It will be simpler and quicker to begin recording if you do this.

  • Swiping up from the top-right corner of your phone (iPhone X or later) or swiping down from it will bring up the Control Center menu (iPhone 8 or earlier).
  • Search for the screen recording button, which resembles a circled dot. You can move on to the following section if you spot it.
  • Tap Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls if you can't see it.
  • The Screen Recording option may be found by scrolling down to the More Controls menu.
  • To the left of the text, click the green "+" sign. The functionality will navigate to the menu for included controls up top.
  • By coming back to this page and pressing the red "-" sign, you may at any moment remove the screen record button from your Control Center.

Just so you know, the screen recording function isn't the only untold Apple secret.

Now that you know how to screen record on iPhone, follow this advice to secure your device from hackers and online cyber criminals.

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