How to record a phone call on iPhone (12, 13, 14)

There are a variety of reasons and techniques for recording a phone call on your iPhone. However, this procedure is difficult on purpose since Apple emphasizes user privacy. Remember that various states have different regulations governing when it is acceptable to record a conversation.

However, using the most frequent call recording technique, you'll need two devices in order to record a phone call on your iPhone. This is due to the fact that when an iPhone is actively taking a phone call, no recordings may be made using the built-in microphone.

There are programs that can assist you to get around this, but the approach described here is frequently regarded as the most user-friendly for people who want to record iPhone conversations.

How to record a phone call on iPhone (12, 13, 14)

This is the ideal choice for you if you enjoy a simple existence, but you'll need two gadgets. You'll have your talk (on loudspeaker) on the first date; an iPhone or other speaker-enabled smartphone will work. You'll record on the second device. An iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac computer would be suitable for this.

Basically, any smartphone that has a speaker may be used to make the call and your iPhone can record it. Alternately, utilize the same Voice Memos app on both your iPhone and another Apple device to make the call and record it. Your access to various gadgets will determine everything.

Test the Voice Memos app on your iPhone

To begin with, confirm that you have an iPhone and an iOS device with a microphone. The second gadget may also be an iPhone. The crucial feature is that it can run the Voice Memos software and work with an integrated or external microphone (either should be fine). Free to download from the app store and preloaded on some devices is the Apple Voice Memos app.

Make sure the app is installed and working before moving on. Launch the Voice Memos application, select the record option, and start speaking into the microphone. This simply has to be done for a brief period of time to produce an audio file. Play the file back now to hear whether the audio is audible. You might need to talk louder, turn up the microphone sensitivity, or move the speaker closer to your lips if the sound quality is too poor. After a successful test run, move on to step two.

How to start recording on an iPhone

  • Tap the record button once more in the Voice Memos app on your second device. Start the phone call on your iPhone and put it in speakerphone mode after the recording has begun on your second device. Although it can add a few seconds of stillness to the file, starting the recording before you place the call will guarantee you don't miss any of the talks. 
  • Your second iOS device's microphone must be able to hear the audio coming from your iPhone. In addition to enabling speakerphone, this may also require increasing the volume and positioning the second device's microphone close to the iPhone's speaker.
  • Watching the red lines that show over the record button might help you gauge how well the Voice Memos app is taking up the audio. These are referred to as "audio waveform displays." More audio volume is detected when the red bars are greater.
  • If the red bar line remains flat, the app or microphone isn't picking up enough sound to make a usable recording. You can carry on speaking if the app appears to be successfully gathering up audio.

Make sure the other party is aware that you are recording

Inform the other person that you are recording the call before you start talking since many states require two consents for this to be legal.

Assume you are aware of your state's laws and that you reside in one of the states that just need one party to consent (and so do the other people in the conversation). Then, while it could be deemed impolite or immoral, you can theoretically keep silent about this.

The chat may now proceed as usual. But make sure the phone you're using is in speaker mode, the second device is recording, and it's close enough to pick up the audio coming from your phone. Make sure that these gadgets stay close to one another if you move while speaking.

How to Transfer the Record File to an iPhone

  • When the chat is over, you may cancel the call on your iPhone and stop the recording on your second device.
  • Choose the recording file from the Voice Memos app, touch the ellipses button to reveal sharing options, and then text the file to your iPhone.
  • You might also email it to yourself or use another method to share it with yourself.

Is Call recording illegal?

Federal legislation stipulates that at least one party must give consent, thus you must either take part in the discussion being recorded or obtain at least one participant's permission. Otherwise, it can be considered unlawful eavesdropping or wiretapping. Even stronger restrictions that need the agreement of all parties to the communication exist in other places.

Always verify your state's laws, as well as the laws of anybody else in the conversation, before recording a conversation. Although the invasion of privacy caused by recording calls may not be as severe as past iPhone spying incidents, it might nevertheless be disturbing to some individuals.

Is there an app for recording phone calls on the iPhone?

  • There are many who carry out this task in one way or another. The usage of the microphone during a phone conversation by third-party apps is restricted by Apple, though.
  • Because of this, the majority of programs that allow you to record phone calls must employ complex technologies to get past this obstacle.
  • People also utilize Google Voice, TapeACall, and Otter in addition to the technique described above utilizing the Voice Memos app.

If the phone is on speaker or the microphone is placed close to the speaker next to your ear, you can also record phone calls using most computers and a microphone. There are several audio recording software solutions available for iOS and Windows systems.

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