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When restarting their iPhones, users frequently encounter problems. In the long term, resetting an iPhone is quite beneficial since it makes it faster and accomplishes a lot more. This post will show you how to quickly reset your iPhone using buttons.

A lot of people believe that iPhones are the greatest cellphones because of their superior performance, specs, privacy, and build quality. But like other smartphones, the performance of the phone may progressively deteriorate over time. One must restart their iPhone to restore it to regular operation to prevent this from happening. Buttons alone may be used to reset an iPhone, which is something that many people are unaware of.

How to Factory Reset iPhone

Giving the iPhone a factory reset will result in the erasure of all its data and restoration to its basic settings, making the phone functionally brand new. Although doing this can seem overkill, it is a useful strategy that can fix practically any software-related problem.

By restoring the phone back to its factory defaults, these problems should be fixed and regular operation should be resumed. If you've performed a factory reset and forced a restart but the iPhone still won't power on, there's possibly a more serious issue.

Why Do Users Reset Their iPhones?

When their iPhones have major software issues, such as network connectivity issues or malfunctioning apps, people frequently reset their devices. If not fixed, it might imply that a downloaded program or file is faulty, which would be troublesome for the user. Therefore, one of the best solutions for resolving such issues is to do an iPhone factory reset.

Factory Reset iPhone with Buttons

It is quite simple to reset an iPhone using the buttons, and different steps must be taken. Depending on their physical buttons, iPhones may be divided into:

  • iPhones with the Home Button
  • iPhones That Don't Have a Home Button

Both come with several reset techniques for the iPhone. All you have to do is read the steps listed below:

Factory Reset iPhones With a Home Button

  • For at least 10 seconds, or until the Apple logo shows, simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. Release your grip on the buttons once you see the Apple logo.
  • The regular starting process for the phone will complete.
  • The user will then be taken back to the previous screen.

Factory Reset iPhones Without a Home Button

  • In addition to the Volume Up and Down keys, simultaneously press the Sleep/Wake button.
  • Slide to switch off the phone after holding it till the screen appears.
  • Holding it for more than five seconds will cause the phone to enter SOS mode.

Troubleshooting is as simple as a factory reset

Resetting an iPhone with the button is quite quick and simple, regardless of whether it has a home button or not. Resetting an iPhone also offers several benefits. It not only improves the device's performance but also fixes a few small problems. Simply performing a factory reset on an iPhone can make it appear brand new.

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