How to block a number on iPhone (Phone App and Messages App)

The greatest course of action to avoid unwanted communication is occasionally the simplest one. Blocking a phone number is a crucial tool for protecting your privacy, whether you're attempting to stop spam or stay away from a former friend or ex. We've discussed several ways to safeguard yourself against spam, robocalls, and other common annoyances. However, banning a number is frequently the quickest and simplest technique to stop unauthorized digital invasions.

When you block a number, any incoming calls, texts, or FaceTime requests from that number will no longer reach you. When someone calls you, they will immediately reach voicemail, but this is the only indication that they have been blocked. Despite the fact that you don't have to deal with them, texts will still appear to be sent and received normally.

How to block a number on iPhone

It's simple to erase any number from your banned list so that people may once again contact you.

  • Click the Settings app.
  • Next, choose Phone.
  • Decide on Blocked Contacts.

You'll see a list of the phone numbers you've banned on the next screen. One can be removed in two different ways. To unblock a number, either press the Edit option, followed by the red minus sign next to the number, or, as a quicker option, swipe left across any number.

How to block a number on iPhone in the Phone App

Voicemails left by blocked numbers can still be heard, but they won't appear in the normal visual voicemail list. Instead, they are divided into a section called "blocked messages" that you may choose to entirely ignore. There are other ways to block a number on an iPhone, but I'll focus on the two applications where you'd want to do so the most.

  1. Open the Phone application.
  2. Click the Recents tab.
  3. Tap the circular I on the right side of the screen when you find the number you want to block.
  4. The option to Block this Caller is located at the bottom of the following screen. The number will be unable to contact you if you tap that.

How to block a number on iPhone in Messages App

It's simple to block a number directly from Apple's Messages app if someone is bothering you via text (or you want to remove another source of spam from your inbox).

  • In the conversation's top center, tap the sender's details.
  • then click Info.
  • You may again see the option to Block this Caller in a red font at the bottom of this page.

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