Gulu Gulu Movie: Download, Cast, Review, Hit or Flop

Rathna Kumar was the director of the movie, which had its theatrical premiere a month ago. Filmmaker Rathna Kumar, who had his successful directorial debut with Meyaadha Maan a few years ago, grabbed attention when he unveiled his third movie, Gulu Gulu. The Santhanam-starring movie's initial look and trailer caught people's attention because of its distinctiveness.

Gulu Gulu

The film, which made its premiere on July 29, received mainly unfavorable reviews from critics and fans. Contrary to expectations, the movie lacked comedy, which was one of the reasons it didn't perform well at the box office. The uninspired storyline made matters worse.

Raj Narayanan's Circle Box Entertainment sponsored the film Gulu Gulu, which stars Athulya Chandra as the lead female character. Vijay Kartik Kannan and Philemon Raj each handled the project's cinematography and editing. The project's music was composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

The film's art director, Jackie, is in charge of directing major performances by Namitha, Pradeep Rawat, Mariyam George, and Sai Dheena, among others. The film was distributed throughout the entirety of Tamil Nadu by Udhayanidhi's Red Giant Movies. Santhanam's debut performance of the year was in Gulu Gulu.

Gulu Gulu Movie Hit or Flop

The film had its debut on August 27 at Sun NXT. The online service had previously declared that it had obtained the OTT rights before the movie opened in theatres. The movie's hero is an adventure junkie whose antics disperse his buddies' social networks. The rest of the story concentrates on how they choose a risky course of action to solve their difficulties that seemed insurmountable because of his peculiar conduct.

Other elements that prevented Gulu Gulu from connecting with its target audience were a lack of sufficient character development and misguided attempts at black comedy. The hopes of Santhanam's followers presently center on his two upcoming movies.

Gulu Gulu Movie Story

In order to help their buddy who has been kidnapped, a group of four lads and a girl ask an experienced traveler for help.

The protagonist of Gulu Gulu is a seasoned traveler with a wanderlust addiction. He has considerably increased his life experience in the process. He is incredibly intelligent and fluent in 13 languages, which ultimately leads to pure mayhem.

Traveler Matilda traveled far from her home in France to see her father. Her stepbrothers are now outraged by her return and want to kill her. Four pals devise a plan to kidnap one of them in the interim.

However, their plan falls short, leading them to seek help from Google. The story is hilarious and really unique. The dark humor in the film will have you laughing out loud. Therefore, watch this video as soon as you can if you're interested in knowing more.

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