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One of Japan's most well-liked media franchises, "Dragon Ball," is renowned for its bloody fights and lavish action sequences, which are intermingled with lighter comedy. The tale of "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" emphasizes how the green alien fighter Piccolo has long been "Dragon Ball's" finest father and offers these distinguishing features in abundance.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Tetsuro Kodama's "Super Hero," which boasts the participation of "Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama for its original concept, script, and character design, centers on heroes and villains who are all juggling the aspirations and legacies of their (absent) dads and grandfathers. It's a point that is briefly discussed in the film's exposition-heavy beginning but is best appreciated by fans of the "Dragon Ball" series, which began in 1984 with Toriyama's manga series.

For those who don't know, "Dragon Ball" is about Goku, an orphaned alien invader-turned-refugee who was raised on Earth, and his never-ending quest to get stronger as he confronts humans, and other aliens, androids, and even various levels of gods. Between training, tournaments, and battles for the destiny of the universe, Goku has made friends and enemies, married, and fathered a few children who, unlike their father, are interested in things other than becoming the greatest fighter who has ever lived.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Review

With its emphasis on Piccolo, Gohan's tutor Toshio Furukawa, and Christopher Sabat, who stands out as the film's heart, as well as Gohan, Goku's eldest son and played by Kyle Hebert in the English dub, and Masako Nozawa in the Japanese version, "Super Hero" challenges the current quo.

Gohan has demonstrated over time that he has the potential to be an even more powerful fighter than Goku, as is stated in the film (Nozawa, Sean Schemmel). However, the good-hearted half-human is more focused on his academic goals than maintaining his training, especially because Gohan is aware that his father will always be ready to deal with any serious dangers that may come.

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Goku has always been somewhat more focused on becoming the best warrior he could be than on being the best parent, so Gohan has a reasonable expectation. Piccolo, Gohan's formidable grumpy instructor, will constantly push him to reach his full potential as a fighter and will also teach him valuable lessons about being a good father. Piccolo's loving bond with Pan, Gohan's 3-year-old daughter, is one of the nicest aspects of "Super Hero" (Yoko Minaguchi, Jeannie Tirado).

A casual admirer who has only seen "Dragon Ball Z," the second "Dragon Ball" anime series, which began broadcasting in the United States in the '90s, is still more than capable of understanding the movie's major narrative and is likely to appreciate its emphasis on Piccolo's connection with Gohan and his family, separate from the movie's focus on Piccolo's relationship with Gohan and his family.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero End Credit Scene

The main antagonists of the movie are the descendants of the Red Ribbon Army, a terrible organization that Goku first defeated when he was a boy. Even though the new Red Ribbon Army leader Magenta and the hired head scientist Dr. Hedo are battling the shadows that their respective fathers and grandfathers have cast over them, the notion is more of a fun novelty than a statement on family history. Ultimately, the magnificent action sequences that produce a lot of significant changes take precedence over their story.

As the title implies, "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" briefly explores the idea of what it means to be a hero in the real world, beyond heroic stances and comical sound effects. It also focuses on current issues like the ability of falsehoods and false information to portray heroes as villains (and vice versa) in order to control others.

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But in "Super Hero," Gohan and Piccolo are the main characters as they go up against Gamma 1 (Hiroshi Kamiya, Aleks Le), Gamma 2 (Mamoru Miyano, Zeno Robinson), and then an even more powerful but well-known foe. The spectacular 3-D computer animation in the film is best suited for the action scenes.

Fans must watch "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," which showcases one of the best relationships in the series. But individuals who have never watched the program before and are looking for more than simply an action-packed visual extravaganza might want to start with some of the TV programs first.

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