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Review of Delhi Crime Season 2: This season of the show is exactly as compelling as season 1. It is really superior in a few ways. Priorities come first. Season 2 of Delhi Crime is equally as successful as season 1. It is really superior in a few ways. because of how sharp it is. In the first season, it deals with the issue of being too soft on its own. This evaluating lens is far less indulgent in the current season, which is directed by up-and-comer Tanuj Chopra. No, not every police officer is an angel. They are not perfect either, so no. Additionally, the tighter fit makes it better. There is no need for lengthy introductions because we are familiar with the major characters and have developed a connection with them.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Download

This construction of compelling characters in charge of maintaining peace and order in harsh Delhi was one of the first season's major pluses. It's great to see them again. Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, who takes the initiative, Rajesh Tailang as Bhupender Singh, her capable wingman, Rasika Dugal as Neeti Singh, who is quickly picking up the job's nuances, Adil Hussain as the political top cop whose moral fiber hasn't yet completely deteriorated, and a large number of other actors all contribute to the film. 

Delhi Crime Season 2 480p Download

Delhi Crime Season 2 720p Download

Delhi Crime Season 2 1080p Download

I must admit that I had my doubts about this season. Few crimes could possibly be worse than the bestial gang rape and murder of a young woman known to us as Nirbhaya in December 2012. How may this season's successor surpass it? The grind of protracted, fruitless investigations, unending paperwork, and navigating bureaucratic red tape make up a large portion of the police jobs. These routine activities prevent crime from happening and keep lawbreakers off the highways, but they don't make for exciting television.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Story

The proper decision was made to concentrate on a string of killings of elderly people that followed the precise method of the infamous "Kachcha Baniyan" gang, which was active in the 1990s (based on the writings of former police commissioner Neeraj Kumar). It offers not just lots of blood and gore, but also a look at the underlying causes that lead some otherwise completely normal people to become ruthless killers. The only true reason we endure the horrifying images of the dead is so that those of us who are still alive will always be grateful for our privileges and the sheer good fortune of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This time around, the home distractions of the hard-working officers are also well integrated (little sleep, little money, canceled leave, no family life). Vartika's annoying young daughter has been securely gone away for further education and is no longer able to cause unneeded distractions. Although he isn't a horrible guy, Neeti's army spouse (Akash Dahiya) is powerless in the face of his conventional background and is unable to handle his wife's lengthy work hours. Due to his occupation, Bhupender is having a difficult time matching his daughter with a suitable match. That is also true. The performances are all excellent, but the three of Shah, Dugal, and Tailang stand out in particular.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Cast

  • Shefali Shah
  • Rajesh Tailang
  • Rasika Duggal
  • Tillotama Shome

Delhi Crime Season 2 Review

Here are a few of my complaints. It's a touch overdone how "awful" the officer is. For too long, the indigenous group has been subjected to severe treatment in which its members are arbitrarily arrested and sent to jail. However, it is important to stress the issue of class and privilege as well as the fact that some tribes are still seen negatively, and we are encouraged to note that at least one police officer has shown some compassion for them, even though it is somewhat tardy. A police officer is seen riding a pillion without a helmet. Ooh. Was that a mistake or was it done on purpose? Additionally, some of the dialogue the characters use at the dinner table, mentioning statistics, etc., is far too explanatory.

But these are only little issues. The level of authenticity is commendable, despite the need to leave us hanging at the conclusion of each episode and a few plot devices. The breakthrough occurs at the ideal time, and the conclusion is strong. Tillotama Shome makes a powerful move and throws a frantic curveball into the conversation. She appears in one of the show's most eerie sequences when she enters an empty apartment and swings from the window ledge to stare out the window. What area of the Capital is she focusing on? the one she was raised in or the one she aspires to?

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