Vidyadhan Scholarship Registration 2022: Eligibility Criteria, Apply Online, Benefits

Vidyadhan Scholarship Registration 2022: Eligibility Criteria, Apply Online, Benefits Students who have successfully passed grade 10 and are qualified for the Vidyadhan scholarship registration may submit an application. By offering financial aid, the foundation enables deserving students from low-income families to pursue higher education. Candidates who passed the class 10 board test and showed academic distinction are eligible to apply for the prize. After the candidates have through a thorough examination and an interview, the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation will choose the candidates. The scholarships have been utilized by more than 2800 students.

Vidyadhan Scholarship Registration 2022

The first duration of the scholarship will be for a period of two years in accordance with the rules specified by the Vidyadhan Scholarship Program 2022. (classes 11 and 12). However, there is a good chance that the scholarship will be continued in order to support the student further in finishing his or her degree program provided the candidate keeps up their studies and achieves outstanding results. To assist the student in advancing their studies, this would be done. Candidates for the Vidyadhan Scholarship 2022 must submit an online application and have earned their secondary school leaving certificate (SSLC) or completed the tenth grade. Before continuing with the application form, it is crucial to verify whether the candidate satisfies the requirements for the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation Vidyadhan Scholarship 2022.

Scheme Name Vidyadhan Scholarship
Launched by Sarojini Damodaran Foundation
Benefits5000 Rupees
Beneficiary Class 11th and 12th students
Official website

The Sarojini Damodaran foundation now offers an online application process for students in grades 11 and 12 who are interested in applying for the Vidyadhan scholarship. Based on the data in the applications, they will select a group of candidates to interview, and the students will be needed to go through the selection procedure. The process of signing up to obtain the scholarship has started through the online portal. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship must complete the form and confirm their eligibility before submitting it. Currently, 4,300 students are benefiting from the strategy as a result of it.

Vidyadhan Scholarship Apply Online

The organization's main objective is to reach tens of thousands of children in order to give them access to free education in the event that they are unable to afford a regular education due to the socioeconomic circumstances of their families. The students will receive an education as a consequence of the implementation of this scholarship program, and if they exhibit remarkable performance during the length of the program, they will be given the scholarship to allow them to continue their studies and obtain a graduate degree as well.

Students who are qualified for this scholarship will not be needed to physically attend any venue in order to get its advantages because the application procedure may be finished online. All of the state's low-income kids will benefit greatly from this award. The scholarship is worth 10,000 rupees, and how it is awarded will depend on the degree of education the candidate would have attained when the program is fully implemented.

Vidyadhan Scholarship Selection Process

The following selection criteria must be taken into account when submitting an application for the scholarship:

  • During the initial phase of candidate selection, the applicant's academic records and other data from their application forms are taken into account.
  • The kids that were picked will have to take the test and go through the interview process.
  • The shortlisted candidates will each get an email or text message with the date, time, and location of the exam or interview.
  • In rare cases, the scholarship committee will cover the expense of the student's and the parent's transportation to the event.

Vidyadhan Scholarship Registration Benefits

You may find it at The numerous benefits and features offered by the Vidyadhan scholarship program will be accessible to those who are interested in applying for it. Everyone who is interested is eligible to apply for the Vidyadhan scholarship. The benefits and extras that come with the scholarship are listed below.

  1. All of the poor students enrolled in the state's educational institutions would benefit greatly from the Vidyadhan scholarship.
  2. Online application submission will be required.
  3. The students do not need to visit any government offices in order to submit their applications for the scholarship program.
  4. This will increase the system's level of transparency while also saving you time and money.
  5. The Vidyadhan Scholarship is worth 10,000 rupees.
  6. The organization will offer further scholarships to enable students to finish their graduation requirements once they have successfully finished the Vidyadhan scholarship programs for a total of two years.

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