Valorant Redeem Codes August 8 2022 Valorant Redemption Method

Valorant Redeem Codes August 8 2022 Valorant Redemption Method The most recent Valorant Pride codes are listed here, which you can use to obtain free gifts like player cards, player titles, and more. Players may redeem the most recent round of Valorant pride codes to get their free goodies, which include playing cards, titles, and much more!

One of the most well-liked FPS games available is called Valorant. It has a sizable player base and a vibrant esports community. The objective of the game is to defeat your opponents in several rounds by selecting one of the more than 15 agents with unique powers that are available.

Valorant Codes August 8 2022

Along with having excellent gameplay, Valorant also offers one of the finest selections of in-game accessories and cosmetics among any current games, including ornaments, player cards, and weapon skins. These will now cost money to purchase, either through a battle pass or directly from the in-game market.

Riot Games does, however, occasionally issue a variety of codes that users may use to obtain free player cards, games, and other items. Through the game's social media accounts, live streams, and other channels, valuable codes are disclosed. Additionally, remember to use these coupons as soon as you can because most of them have expiration dates. You may use the following list of active Valorant redemption codes to earn free Valorant rewards right now

Valorant Redeem Codes August 8 2022


  • Pride // Rainbow - Code: [PRISMATIC]
  • Pride // Cotton Candy - Code: [COTTONCANDY]
  • Pride // Primary - Code: [PRIMARY]
  • Pride // Galactic - Code: [GALACTIC]
  • Pride // Sunset - Code: [SUNSET]
  • Pride // Twilight - Code: [TWILIGHT]
  • Pride // SHERBET- Code: [SHERBET]


  • Proud - Code: [JUBILANT01]
  • Ally - Code: [JUBILANT02]

Step To Redeem VALORANT Redeem Code August 8, 2022

Below are the steps you may take to get free prizes if you are new to the game and don't know how to redeem Valorant codes:

  • Log in to the Valorant Code Redemption page using your Riot/Valorant account.
  • You may register using your email address or a Google, Facebook, or Apple account if you don't already have one.
  • Once you have successfully signed in, copy one of the codes from the list above and paste it onto the code redemption page.
  • To use the code, click the Submit button.
  • Start Valorant now, and your prize will appear in your inventory.

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