How To Check the History on Your Windows Computer?

Pressing the Control and H keys on your keyboard at the same time will allow you to view the websites you've visited on your Windows 10 computer. The only activity that Windows records is your browsing history, but there are other activities as well. 

How To Check the History on Your Windows Computer?

You can view a list of recently opened files by typing "Recent" into the Run dialogue box, or you can visit Settings > Privacy > Activity History > Manage my Microsoft account activity data to view all activity associated with your account. We'll demonstrate how to track who has accessed what files, websites, and account choices on your Windows PC.

Checking Windows Activity History

  • Input Win+I. The Windows key and the capital I key are combined to access the Settings menu.
  • Press Privacy. It's next to a padlock icon.
  • Please choose Activity History. This may be found in the panel on the window's left side.
  • To manage your account's activity data, click Manage. The absolute bottom of the window may need you to scroll down in order to access this.
  • In a new window or tab, your Microsoft account activity history will open. Please enter your password to proceed.
  • To find out more about that history, select a menu. Location, speech, browsing, and search history all have menu options.
  • While you may hit Clear all history in each panel, going to Settings > Privacy > Activity History > Clear Activity History > Clear will swiftly do the trick.

How To Clear Browser History

  • Open your web browser. Look for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla, or other online browsers as this may not be your computer's default browser.
  • Press the menu button. The way this menu symbol appears varies between browsers. For instance, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge all have icons that resemble stars with three lines projecting from them.
  • Press History. To view this option in Firefox, move the mouse pointer over Library.
  • View the history of your browsing. Click Show All History if you're using Firefox. The pages seen and the searches performed have to be divided up by date.

Recent Files Folder

  • Use the Run app. To find the software, hit the Windows key and type "Run."
  • To launch the app, click on it in the search results.
  • Hit Enter after typing "Recent". A File Explorer window will launch and provide a list of recently modified files.
  • Examine the list. The file's name, last edited date, kind, and size are among the categories you'll notice.

History Tips

Open Settings > Accounts > Family & other users > Manage family settings online if the account you wish to check is part of your family group. You may access the Microsoft family website to view various elements of your child's computer activities, such as screen time and applications used, by opening it in a web browser. If they don't belong to your family group, you won't be able to see this information.

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