Bimbisara: Bimbisara Movie Review, Cast and Crew, Other Actors Reaction

Bimbisara: Bimbisara Movie Review, Cast and Crew, Other Actors' Reaction The protagonist of the film "Bimbisara" is Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. A caption about time travel from evil to good. This is Kalyan Ram's first high-budget film. This movie is made by a young director named Vashisht and is produced by Harikrishna under the NTR Arts brand. The protagonists were Samyukta Menon and Catherine Tresa. MM Keeravani composed the soundtrack for this movie after RRR.


In the film "Bimbisara," Nandamuri Kalyan Ram plays the lead role. A caption about going from evil to good in time. The high-budget film in Kalyan Ram's career is this one. This movie was made by Harikrishna under the NTR Arts label, and Vashisht, a young director, directed it. Samyukta Menon and Catherine Tresa played the roles of heroines. The music for this movie was composed by MM Keeravani after RRR.

Bimbisara Review

The previously published teaser, trailer, and songs received positive reviews and generated a lot of excitement for the film. This film premiered to the public today (August 5) amid high anticipation. Other than abroad, the toy has previously fallen in other locations.

The audience that has watched this film is, as a result, sharing their opinions on social media. What is the narrative behind "Bimbisara"? On Twitter, people are debating Kalyan Ram's portrayal of Bimbisara, the emperor of the Trigartala empire, and how impressive he was. Look into it. This is only the audience's viewpoint, though. The issues they describe therein are not the responsibility of "Mykisaan."

Bimbisara Movie Cast and Crew

Bimbisara Movie Cast

  • Kalyan Ram
  • Catherine Tresa
  • Samyuktha Menon
  • Warina Hussain
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Brahmaji
  • Srinivas Reddy
  • Prakash Raj
  • Sai Kiran (Telugu Actor)
  • Ayyappa P Sharma

Bimbisara Movie Crew

  • Vashist - Director/Story/Screenplay
  • Hari Krishna K - Producer
  • Chirantan Bhatt - Music Director
  • Ramajogaya Sastry - Lyricst
  • Sree Mani - Lyricst
  • Varikuppala Yaadagiri - Lyricst
  • M.M. Keeravani - Lyricst
  • Kaala Bhairava - Singer
  • Hymath - Singer
  • Satya Yamini - Singer
  • Mohana Bhogaraju - Singer
  • Sandilya - Singer
  • Vasudev Muneppagari - Dialogues
  • Chota K Naidu - Cinematography
  • Bikkina Thammiraju - Editing
  • Kiran Kumar Manne - Art Director
  • Anil Paduri - Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Ajay Kumar J - Costume Design

Bimbisara Movie Review

It is a movie that would re-engage the Telugu audience in theatres, a netizen said. It is believed that the second half was frantic and the first half a little sluggish. According to reports, Kalyan Ram portrays Bimbisara with excellent performance. He served as the film's only director. The graphics and music of MM Keeravani are credited for elevating the movie.

Other actors' reaction on Bimbisara

According to NTR, it appears that Nandamuri played a hero in the movie Bimbisara, which was a role that could only have been filled by Kalyan Ram. The response from the crowd makes it obvious that the movie is a one-man show. The audience is praising the performance on Twitter, saying it was performed with great commitment. It will transport the viewers to another planet. They are saying how great the tale is and how great the background music and images are. 

The Kalyan movie is receiving rave reviews from Nandamuri fans. Celebrities from Tollywood are sharing their expectations for the movie Bimbisara. wishes success to the film crew. Two heroes, Saidharam Tej and Satyadev, tweeted. I want to congratulate my brother Kalyan Ram on the movie Bimbisara's today's premiere. Manchu Vishnu said that he had always succeeded because of his hard work and kindness.

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