Lock Up Voting Trend Today – Lock Up Voting 2022 Nominated Contestants List

Lock Up Voting Trend Today – Lock-Up Voting 2022 Nominated Contestants List With its grand launch, Lock Upp (Season 1 - 2022) began over to a wonderful start. As is well known, Lock Upp fans have the opportunity to vote to save their favorite participants from being eliminated. Every weekend, nominations will be made for the competitors who received the fewest votes from the general audience. Then the prison will release these participants.

You may cast your vote for your favorite competitor via the ALTBalaji App, ALTBalaji.com, or text message. See the timings for the opening and closing of the voting lines and the whole step-by-step voting procedure below.

Lockup Voting Trend Today

16 famous participants will compete on the Kangana Ranaut-hosted Locked Upp show and spend 72 days "locked up" in jail. The show's creators anticipate that the contentious character of each participant will draw attention to and viewers to each show. The contestants appear to be isolated and have to reveal their darkest secrets to one another, similar to Bigg Boss.

Continue watching Lock Upp at 10:30 PM on the MX Player app to find out who will be free from jail and who will be eliminated from the game.

Lock Up Reality Show – 2022

Lock Upp premiered on February 27 after being announced on February 3rd. It has 13 contentious contestants who will spend many months behind bars. The show's presenter is Kangana Ranaut, while Raveen Tandon plays the jailer.

Contestants List for Lockup Voting Trend Today

AnjaliUpdate Soon
BabitaUpdate Soon
ChakrapaniUpdate Soon
KaaranvirUpdate Soon
MunawarUpdate Soon
NishaUpdate Soon
PayalUpdate Soon
PoonamUpdate Soon
SaishaUpdate Soon
SaraUpdate Soon
ShivamUpdate Soon
SiddharthUpdate Soon
TehseenUpdate Soon

Contestants this week nominated – Lock Upp

Check out the final "Lock Upp" nominations list below:

  • Munawar Faruqui
  • Prince Narula
  • Payal Rohatgi
  • Saisha Shinde
  • Azma Fallah
  • Anjali Arora

How to Vote Lock Up Contestants By SMS 2022

You need to send a text message that appears like this to cast your SMS vote for your preferred nominee:

  • LockUpp<space>
  • Enter the contestant's first name and text "56161" to the number.
  • To vote for Sara Khan, for example, write:
  • LockUpp Sara and send this to 56161. (SMS number)

Timing for Lock Up Voting Lines

Ekta Kapoor's Lock Upp launched on MX Player and Alt Balaji on February 27. The voting process has now also started. Here's how to cast your vote for the competitor you like most. Every week, the voting lines will open on Monday at 11:30 PM and shut on Friday at 11:59 PM.

How can I vote for Lock Up contestants on the MX Player App?

If you want to vote via the MX Player App voting method, you must take the actions listed below:

  • The MX Player App must first be downloaded and upgraded from the iTunes or Google Play store.
  • Once you have registered or logged in, use your MX Player account.
  • Now Elimination Voting banner home screen may be found by selecting Lock Upp.
  • Next, select the Save Now option.
  • Then Select the competitor you wish to vote for by tapping on them, then click the SAVE button.
  • You've now successfully given your vote.

Lock Up Voting on the ALTBalaji App in 2022?

Check out the following steps if you wish to vote using the ALTBalaji app or website:

  1. Get the ALTBalaji app from iTunes or Google Playstore and update it.
  2. However, you may access ALTBalaji.com using your browser.
  3. Once you have registered or logged in, use your ALTBalaji account.
  4. Right now, look for the Lock Upp banner on your home screen.
  5. then choose the Vote Here option.
  6. then select the Save Your Favorite Contestant option.
  7. Now select the participant you want to vote for by clicking on their name
  8. checking the Terms & Conditions box, and clicking Submit.
  9. Then your vote has been successfully submitted.

You can now enter your vote and help choose Lock Upp Season 2022's winner.

Vote For Lock Up Contestants 2022

On ALTBalaji and the MX Player app, the Lock Upp Badass Jail Atyaachari Khel Game has begun, and spectators have already begun to support their favorite participants. All 13 Kaidis have been imprisoned and are unable to leave. Therefore, the only assistance these contenders will have will come from the audience, who have the power to make or break their lives.

How therefore can you prevent your favorite competitor from losing? The voting process has already started, and we'll explain how to vote for Altbalaji, Mx player, and SMS in detail.

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