Genshin Impact Redeem Codes July 18 2022

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes July 18 2022 You may get a lot of free in-game prizes for the expansive open-world RPG by using our list of Genshin Impact coupons. Check out our helpful Genshin Impact download guide if you're brand-new to the fascinating world of Teyvat. Once you've purchased the game, click over to our Genshin Impact tier list to see a list of the top characters.

Returning to these codes now. Genshin Impact coupons, which provide you with in-game goods like primogems, mora, adventurer's experience, and much more, are frequently given away by game developer Hoyoverse. Each and every code that is currently accessible are listed in this guide, along with instructions on how to use it.

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes July 18

Check out our guides on the Honkai Star Rail characters and release date, as well as information on each of the Honkai Impact characters, if you're interested in additional Mihoyo games. For those of you who are solely interested in Genshin, feel free to explore our tutorials for Genshin Impact's next banner and wish simulator.

Genshin Impact Codes July 18


Genshin Impact Redeem Codes July 18 — List

  • TEESU367M279
  • FFNND3675J8D
  • CB53652S7H3N
  • CuuDDDDGsvd
  • nBEmIIPPL2b
  • dU2mhIII1ZT
  • jsSBUI23jzR
  • G3tQUUUOqmE
  • eAKKgIXLD56
  • GENSHIN1115
  • GENSH110928A
  • GEKKHIN0928E
  • GENVUIN0928N
  • GENSHIN2206A
  • GENUYIN1006S
  • GEN88IN1006U

Genshin Impact 2.9 Livestream Redeem Codes

The Livestream codes for Genshin Impact 2.8 have already expired, but be sure to come back again in a few weeks for the Livestream codes for Genshin Impact 2.9!

What is Genshin Impact Redeem Code

Mihoyo periodically awards players with Genshin Impact codes, which might be in the form of primogems, mora, or anything else. It's worth keeping a lookout around that time because Mihoyo frequently publishes them following a game update.

How to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes

  • You must be at least Adventure Rank ten in order to use your Genshin Impact codes.
  • You simply need to go to the official gift redemption page at that moment.
  • log in
  • and choose a server
  • to enter the name of your character.
  • and then write the code or paste it.
  • Once you click "Redeem," the benefits are immediately yours!

Genshin Impact Primogems Code

Primogems may be obtained for nothing in-game. Here are a few methods:

  • Quests: Finishing some traditional quests will get you primogems.
  • Chests: Finding primogems in-game by opening chests is a brilliant idea.
  • Shrines: You may get Primogems by unlocking shrines and gaining fast-travel points.
  • Achievements: These are in-game objectives that reward you primogems.
  • Daily Commissions: these become available at Adventure Rank 12 and come with primogems as prizes for accomplishment. You receive a bonus if you fulfill all four daily commissions.
  • Mail: To promote themselves or make up for missed maintenance time, Mihoyo frequently offers free primogems.
  • Starglitter and Stardust: You may buy Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate with both Starglitter and Stardust.

Get More Genshin Impact Redeem Codes?

Mihoyo doesn't frequently issue codes, but you can stay up to date by following Genshin Impact on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook or by joining the Discord server (assuming it isn't already full!). Additionally, this is a great way to remain informed about freebies.

Genshin Impact is available on Google Play and the App Store if you wish to play it. If you want to ensure that your winning streak continues while you take a vacation from Genshin Impact, check out our list of Roblox coupon codes or the answers to Wordle for today.

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes Giveaways

There are some fantastic Genshin Impact freebies that can earn you free goods, even if they're not exactly the same as Genshin Impact coupons. Here are the ones that are already active:

Three characters—Yelan from Genshin Impact, Xiao from Genshin Impact, and Yanfei from Genshin Impact—are now participating in the test run. Primogems, sakura blossom, old handguards, starconch, recruit's insignia, qingxin, slime condensate, adventurer's experience, noctilucous jade, and treasure hoarder insignia are all prizes for playing as each.

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