BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022, Apply Process, Fee, Bharat Series Rules

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022, Apply Process, Fee, Bharat Series Rules A new law governing automobiles and road travel has just been released by the Indian government. Following HSRP, it has introduced Bharat (BH) series licence plates for automobiles that travel between states. The use of these registration stickers or licence plates will be advantageous for car owners who must transfer their vehicles from one state to another for whatever reason.

They can register for the BH Bharat Series plate to avoid the many registration problems that vehicle owners must deal with due to moving and to ensure a smooth transfer of motor vehicles. The BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021 period began on September 15, 2021. The registration procedure will be conducted digitally.

The registration process for the new BH series will officially begin in Odisha as the first state, and it will be conducted entirely online.

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022

A vehicle registered in one state may be assigned a new registration under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 if it is retained in another state for more than a year. The owner of the motor vehicle must submit an application for new registration in the new state together with other documents such a NOC, receipt, postal acknowledgement, and numerous other paperwork. The entire registration procedure took a lot of time and was difficult.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has now made re-registering a car in a new state simple and hassle-free with the introduction of the BH series number plate. The new regulation went into effect on August 28 and registration for the licence plates will start on September 15. Read this post if you're interested in purchasing a BH series licence plate but don't have enough knowledge to do it. You can find out all you need to know about the newly modified regulation and licence plate right here.

BH Series Vehicle Registration Highlights

Mark NameBharat Series Marks (BH-Series)
MinistryMinistry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
ActThe Motor Vehicles Act
RuleCentral Motor Vehicles Rules
Date of Launch28 August 2021
Introduced ForNon-Transport vehicles
PurposeTo ease the registration process for a vehicle moving to a new state
ApplicabilityAcross India
Starting of the registration process15 August 2021
Registration modeOnline
ImplementationThroughout India

BH Series Number Plate Formate

A new number plate will be issued to those who apply for the BH Series plate. This Bharat series number plate will have the following format:

YY BH #### XX

  • where YY will be the final two digits of the vehicle's registration year.
  • The letters in the Bharat Series code (2) will be transcribed as "BH."
  • and #### XX will consist of four numerals between 0001 and 9999, followed by the letters A, B, and C.
  • Then AA, AB, AZ, BA, BB, and so on to ZZ. I and O will not be accepted.

Who can Register BH Series Number Plate 2022

This government service is presently available for non-transportation cars. BH Bharat Series Numberplates can now be registered on a completely voluntary basis for

  • military personnel,
  • owners of vehicles who work for the State or the Federal Government
  • PSU employees, or
  • workers of a private organisation with locations in four or more states and UTs.

At the moment, not everyone is required to apply; those who qualify may do so whenever it is convenient for them. The government could open up access to this facility to all citizens in the future.

BH Series Vehicle Registration Process 2022  

The BH series number plate registration will be done entirely online. The registration period will begin on September 15, 2021. Online registration applications are available for those who are interested.

  • The following information is relevant to the BH mark's registration:
  • When a new vehicle is purchased, the authorized dealer will complete the BH registration process online on behalf of the vehicle owner.
  • By completing out form 20 on the Vahan site, registration may be completed.
  • The new BH series number plate will make it simple to receive the tax that the car owner paid in the parent state back.
  • A BH series number plate will be given to applicants after successful registration.
  • The old laborious re-registration process will not be necessary for vehicles with the new BH series number plate/registration mark in the new state.
  • The applicants will get random selections of number plates.
  • The official identity card (for federal employees), the working certificate (for private employees), and other necessary documents must be on hand at the time of registration.
  • This new motor vehicle regulation change, which relates to a vehicle's movement in the new state/UT and its registration, is national in scope and will be implemented all over the country.

BH Series Number Plate Registration Fee

A registration fee is not necessary because the registration procedure is free for applicants. However, they are required to pay the applicable tax assessed for the relevant group. Every change to the registration cost will be posted here.

Motor Vehicle Tax Rule 2022

State by state varies in the tax levied during registration. The tax imposed will be determined through an online portal using a calculation procedure that is based on invoice pricing (where GST will be excluded).

Take a look at the information provided below on the tax charged by the States and UTs when registering automobiles from the BH Series:

Invoice PriceTax (% of Invoice Price)Note
Below 10 lakhs8%2% extra charge for Diesel vehicles
2% less charge for electric vehicles
Below 10-20 lakhs10%
Above 20 lakhs12%

The tax will be collected through the online site for 2 years or its multiple, such as 4 years, 6 years, etc., in the manner described below for vehicles with a BH Registration mark.

Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2022 Quick Links

MoRTH Official websiteClick here
BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration LinkClick here

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022 [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. When was the new rule for BH Bharat Series Vehicle registration implemented?

A. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published a gazette notice announcing its inauguration on August 28th, 2021. (MoRTH).

Q. When will the BH Series registration process for number plates or registration marks begin?

A. The registration period is expected to begin on September 15, 2021.

Q. When moving to a new state, how do we register for the BH registration mark?

A. Through the official webpage, you may register online. Here, the registration link will soon be updated.

Q. Does Bihar have to follow this rule?

A. The regulation is applicable across the board, yes.

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