Am I Gay Quiz

"Am I Gay Quiz" What are the signs that you are gay? There is a wide range of romantic and sexual orientations, and in the end, you get to select the label that seems appropriate to you.

But it might be difficult to sort it all out, so we've made a quiz to encourage you in exploring your sexuality and beginning to discover some answers within yourself.

Am I Gay Quiz

Ever experienced feelings for a close friend who is the same gender as you?

  • In my opinion. I'm taking this quiz for that reason.
  • What distinguishes a crush from a friendship, you ask?
  • We're not dating, but people joke that we are because of how close we are.
  • Nope. We are only pals.

Have you ever longed to kiss someone of the same gender or given in to that desire?

  • Absolutely, and it was wonderful.
  • Although I haven't yet, I want to try it.
  • Yes, and I'm unsure of my feelings towards it.
  • Nope. Lack of interest.

What are your thoughts on LGBT characters in television and film?

  • Oh, I've definitely watched series solely for their LGBT characters and plots.
  • I almost have the impression that I can relate to LGBT characters.
  • Although I am aware of LGBT characters, I have no strong opinions about them.
  • While I appreciate the good portrayal, they don't particularly stick out to me.

When someone inquires about your crush:

  • I quickly think of a name, and it belongs to a person of the same gender.
  • I choose someone at random or make up a name.
  • I genuinely don't get the fuss around crushes.
  • I discuss a person of the other sex that I have a real crush on.

Has anybody ever questioned your sexual orientation?

  • People very much always assume that about me.
  • That query has been raised one or two times.
  • Although nobody has directly asked, I wouldn't be shocked if they did.
  • Never. Most people think I'm straight.

What comes to mind when you consider being in a relationship?

  • I can only imagine being with someone who is also of the same sex.
  • I'm not certain. Any gender seems OK.
  • I'll probably be with a transgender person.
  • I can only picture myself with a transgender person.

How would you react if someone outed you as gay?

  • That does seem appropriate.
  • It kind of fits, but it also gives me a little anxiety.
  • I'm unsure of my emotions.
  • I don't believe that is at all me, however.

Have you ever had a similar gender attraction?

  • Yes.
  • Yes, but I believe that everyone has.
  • Simply said, people of the same gender are more appealing.
  • Nope.

What are your thoughts on dating someone who is of the other gender?

  • I have no interest. It would seem like work to do that.
  • I have either wanted to do it or have already done it, so I wouldn't mind.
  • Perhaps, but I don't really have any interest in anyone.
  • The opposite gender is someone I would (or have) dated.

Do you ever have fantasies about dating someone who is the same gender as you?

  • Yeah. Quite frequently.
  • Sometimes.
  • Yes, but I'm not sure I'd truly find a partner who is the same gender.
  • No.

How do you feel when you see yourself kissing or sharing intimate moments with a future partner?

  • That sounds fine, as long as I'm with someone I truly enjoy.
  • OK, I suppose?
  • Regardless of my gender, I can't even begin to conceive it, and I doubt I'll ever desire that.
  • That's beyond my years.

Do you come across content from queer producers when you browse your feed or FYP?

  • Yup. I'm yours.
  • Maybe! According to the day.
  • Yes, but only because I've read a few postings that are similar.
  • Most likely not.

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