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Hi everyone your IDBI form is out I have seen many articles regarding this and all of them are saying that this is a great opportunity and you should fill the form. So is this really a good opportunity for you or Not for them it's a great opportunity. so basically the thing is you have to tell it in an honest way, as it is contract-based and it's a private job, not a permanent job.

so let's start this, so I will explain to you a complete summary of the notification in the post with every important detail, and in the next 2 paragraphs will tell you if I were in your shoes then what would have been my thoughts just my suggestions, and then whatever you want or feel you can do.

Executive and Assistant Manager Job Vacancy

So there are mainly 2 forms, one is Executive which is contract-based and 2nd is asst. manager post, where 500 vacancies are there in which they will teach you a PGBDF course then 3 months training then you will start doing your job so, basically, as an executive, you have to sell insurance like LICs and also have to work as a banker its a private job and a contract based job so is not a permanent job.

PostExecutive & Assistant Manager
Job TypeContract-based
Apply Date3 June to 17th of June 2022
Exam Date9th July 2022
Age20-25 and 21-28 for PGBDF
Salary29000₹ - 34000₹

your contract will get renewed every year, you can fill up the form from 3 June to 17th of June, and the exam is scheduled for 9th July.

Age Criteria

Of executive and 23rd July for PGBDF, for executive the age criteria are 20-25 years, you can check the dates on the website and for PGBDF it is 21-28 years and you can check the date on the website too,

Fee, Salary and Terms

so, after 3 years as executive they will promote you as asst manager which you will become directly from PGBDF and the salary is 29,000 in 1st month then 31K and then 34K and in the executive program, you have to pay fees of 3.5lakhs and it will also include your fooding and lodging with your program fees, training fees is of 9months and the stipend is 2500 then after those 9months training you will get a stipend of 10K.


And then you will get the job of asst manager whose salary is 34K and its a pan India job, and there is a bond also that if you leave before 3 years then you will have to pay 2 lakhs so the main problem arises here that if something happened to you and you have to leave the job then you have invested 3.5lakhs and you will have to pay 2 lakhs more.

Exam Pattern

Talking about paper pattern 200 questions of 200 marks and 2 hours as composite time there are no mains here, the paper is divided into 4 portions, LR and DI English, Quants, Gk (general + banking awareness) so, now this was your complete exam pattern, and you can check the complete details on website.

Form Price

So, the first thing is the price of the form is 1000, which is obviously high, then there is a restriction that you can fill for one post only so if I was there in your place then I would have never filled asst manager job, the first thing is its a private job and then the fees of 3.5lakhs which I'm paying, I'm not seeing the return of that money here, because it isn't MBA, its a PGBDF course you have already done your graduation so what's the benefit of paying 3.5lakhs and the 3rd thing is you will certainly target other exams like IBPS, SBI PO in case you clear that you will have to pay a bond amount which will you cost you very much,

2 lakh is not a normal amount, some of people who left SBI, Paid 2.36lakhs(18% GST) you can fill the executive form just for practice because no exams are there, for now, you can leave the job in the executive post also, and along with that prepare for SBI and IBPS PO basically, you can fill out the form if you want to but if you will ask my suggestion, you can fill executive one just for practice so that you will be in a flow because when you prepare exam-oriented then we read in a regular way, take more, practice and see if you are able to understand it or not, and how much can you score and check your percentile also I'm providing you a free mock link of executive.


The first thing is the price of the form and then the post which is also not that good. so if you are preparing for IBPS, SBI PO, or other exams then it's not a great opportunity but you can fill the executive form just to be in flow otherwise you can skip it if you are in flow and are doing your regular preparation. then you can skip this form.

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